When Is Underpinning Services Necessary?

Underpinning can be used to strengthen or stabilize foundations in buildings. It is the process by which foundations can be strengthened again after being damaged by various factors. The repair process involves focusing on the underside of the building, repairing it, and strengthening it so it can stand again. There are many types and approaches to underpinning, repairing, and strengthening your building. It all depends on the problem you have. But do you know when is the right time to hire underpinning for your home, business, or structure?

If there are cracks in your walls

The most obvious sign that your building needs underpinning is the appearance of cracks in its walls. They could appear first as tiny cracks then become larger cracks. Cracks like these can often be found inside buildings but it is possible to also find them on the outside. If you feel the cracks will become a big problem then it is important that you have them checked properly so that the best underpinning solution can quickly be provided.

Photo shows some of the screw piles used by our underpinning contractors in Adelaide

If the property tilts to one side

Appearance could be a sign that something is seriously wrong with the soil beneath. It can be dangerous but if you call in professional underpinning experts as soon as you see the line, it can be corrected before things got worse. Because these issues should often be dealt with before they get worse, it is vital to keep an eye out on your property.

Windows and doors sticking to each other

As the changing temperature can impact the opening and closing of doors, windows, and frames made from wood, it is worth checking if this is something you are experiencing. Sticky windows and doors are usually caused by improper alignment of the frames. If several doors on your property are stuck and this problem does not appear before, it is a good idea for you to contact an expert to have their opinion.

Basement showing changes 

If your basement is showing signs of moisture seepage or sinking into the soil bed, you may need to underpin it. It may also leak internal heat, even after repairs. You should consult an underpinning expert. Basement reinforcement is also possible if there are large buildings being built near your basement.

The original foundation is no longer trusted

This could happen because the foundation of your building is old and it may feel unstable from decaying wood below. Your building may have changed in use, so you might lose trust in its strength and need a stronger foundation. Whatever the reason, you should consult underpinning experts to determine if the foundation is not strong enough.

Underpinning is a great way to prevent costly repairs that compromise your building’s integrity. Underpinning Adelaide experts will help you to evaluate your property and recommend the best ways to stabilize it.