You can only underpin your house yourself if you have previous experience working in this industry. You shouldn’t consider underpinning a house yourself if you don’t have the equipment, proper experience and licensing. 

Are you wondering if it’s possible to underpin yourself? In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s safe to underpin yourself. What are the dangers, and the benefits of using an expert.

Is DIY Underpinning A House Possible?

DIY Underpinning is only possible if you’re experienced, have proper skills, and have industry knowledge. Without lacking any of the mentioned, we highly recommend not underpinning your house yourself.

If you’re knowledgeable, have appropriate abilities, and have industry knowledge, DIY underpinning is doable. However, you will still need to consult an engineer and install the pins to their requirements. 

What are the risks of underpinning a house yourself?

– You can’t guarantee the workmanship

– You may jeopardise the property’s structure 

– Any mistake in the process can result in personal injury and permanent property damage

– You could void your insurance policy

– It may not meet compliance regulations

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Why Should You Choose A Professional Underpinning Contractor?

Choosing a professional underpinning contractor is wise because underpinning projects are complex, dangerous, and require relevant experience.

Here are the reasons for choosing a professional underpinning contractor:

– They have the experience to handle any underpinning job correctly

– They use the latest technology and equipment

– They can provide a written guarantee

– They are insured and licensed

– They will comply with all building codes and regulations

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Underpinning is Complex

It’s a complex process involving excavating around your house’s foundation to a depth of several feet. Then, concrete piers are installed to support the weight of the house. The entire process must be done carefully to avoid damaging the house’s structure.

Underpinning is dangerous

There are many dangers associated with underpinning, such as:

  • You can injure yourself if you’re not careful with heavy tools.
  • DIY underpin can damage your property Temporarily and permanently
  • Overcorrecting relevel can worsen the cracks
  • DIY underpin doesn’t comply with housing authority regulations and can void insurance

Underpinning Requires Experiences

Completing an underpinning project requires experience and should only be done by a professional underpinning contractor. Every project is different, and without relevant experience, you end up costing higher than required.

What About A Warranty On Underpinning?

You will get a warranty on your underpinning service if done by an authorized contractor. The warranty will protect you in case of any issue with underpinning. Most underpinning contractors in Adelaide provide at least 10 years of warranty on underpinning.

We recommend using an expert foundation repair contractor always for any underpinning project. They have the experience, equipment, and resources to do the job safely and correctly. Choose a contractor that is insured and licensed and can provide a written guarantee.

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