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Brick Repairs Adelaide | Brick Crack Repair Experts

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Adelaide Underpinning Group understands the danger posed by cracks in walls, which can range from minor aesthetic issues to serious structural problems. These cracks could be due to changes in the ground, foundation failure, or design errors. If you’re concerned about the hidden problems these cracks might indicate, we can help.

Our unique, high-tech service for repairing brick wall cracks ensures no wall needs to be destroyed. We avoid expensive and intrusive procedures such as dismantling or rebuilding, protecting your home’s structure. Our skilled team can fix both indoor and outdoor wall cracks in just a few days, providing a practical and cost-effective solution.

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Why Does Brickwork Crack?

These are the main reasons for brickwork to crack:

  • Inadequate drainage: Faulty drains, leaks, or disconnected pipes can provoke soil erosion beneath the house, destabilising the ground and causing foundation instability and wall fractures.
  • Seasonal fluctuations: Severe changes such as droughts and floods can trigger significant soil contraction and expansion, contributing to wall fractures.
  • Nearby trees: Intrusive root systems from neighbouring trees can draw water from the soil, altering its moisture balance and resulting in wall fractures.
  • Additional weight: Wall fractures might occur if a house’s weight, due to extensions or renovations, surpasses its original design capacity, putting undue stress on the structure and its foundation.
  • Reactive soils: These types of soils expand or shrink based on varying moisture levels throughout the year, causing irregular strain on house foundations and contributing to wall fractures.
  • Deteriorated building materials: As time goes on, building materials might deteriorate due to influences like gravity, weathering, or decay, which weakens structural soundness and results in wall fractures.

Why You Need to Fix Damaged Bricks

Fixing damaged brickwork is very important for keeping your house in good shape. If you don’t pay attention to these problems, they could get worse. Issues like clay soil that changes with the weather, bad drainage, and extra weight might lead to bigger damage.

At the same time, if your house isn’t built well, it might continue to break down if the problem isn’t resolved. This could quickly result in cracks forming due to expanding materials, making your property less safe.

If you don’t look after these cracks, they could let in water damage, and soil could be washed away, which might make your home even more unstable.

Professional Brickwork Repair Services

Here’s what you can anticipate from us in terms of mending broken brickwork:

  • Wall stitching: This is an excellent solution for most structural wall fissures indoors and outdoors.
  • Installing expansion joints: Buildings naturally shift, and our expansion joints permit your home to do this in a controlled manner, reinforcing wall steadiness.
  • Brick beam repairs: Using steel rods, we mend fissures above and below apertures, facilitating efficient weight distribution over large expanses.

By embedding stainless steel rods into the walls of your home, Adelaide Underpinning Group capably mends structural wall fissures, causing minimal disruption to existing brickwork or plastered walls. After repair, your walls will blend perfectly as we proficiently repoint mortar joints and fill crevices.

Our steel rods and proven methods enhance the tensile resilience of cracked walls, uniformly dispersing loads, thus eliminating the necessity for pricey refurbishment.

Why Choose Us for Brick Repair

Here are the main reasons to choose us:

  • Experience: We have plenty of knowledge and skills in repairing all types of damaged bricks.
  • Practical methods: We use stainless steel rods to strengthen buildings without causing significant disturbance.
  • Good-looking results: Our method guarantees a nice finish inside and outside your home.
  • Cost-saving: With our solutions, there’s no need to spend a fortune on rebuilding.
  • Efficiency: We carry out our work quickly and neatly, so you can stay home while we handle everything.
  • Reliability: We are committed to using advanced techniques to bring back the strength and stability of your home.