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Remedial Builders Adelaide | House and Building Repairs

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Here at Adelaide Underpinning Group, we’re not just your average builders. We’re experts in repairing houses affected by subsidence, being your first point of call for issues like cracked walls, weak roof supports, tilting walls, and falling roofs.

Unlike ordinary woodworkers, bricklayers, or plumbers who focus on certain jobs, our remedial builders take care of the whole maintenance project. They deal with both the key structures and the visual elements.

Our superb knowledge of how buildings are put together makes us the first choice for homeowners in Adelaide who need repairs. Contact our specialists today to learn more about how we can help fix your home.

What is a Remedial Builder?

A remedial builder is a person who specialises in remedial projects. These experts delegate jobs based on their assessment of a property’s structural condition and appearance.

Before they become remedial builders, they usually gather practical experience in different construction jobs, such as woodworking, foundation reinforcement, or plumbing. This previous experience gives them an all-around understanding of identifying, fixing, and maintaining a building’s stability effectively.

You can think of remedial builders as the ‘head chefs’ of the construction world. Just like chefs use their knowledge and skills to combine ingredients to create a perfect dish, our remedial builders use their experience and insights to restore your property to its best state.

What is the Job of a Remedial Builder?

Remedial builders are experts in managing and directing construction projects. They have a special skill set in the building industry.

Instead of hands-on tasks like laying bricks, strengthening foundations, or making wooden structures, they often take a step back. Their skills ensure a building’s structure stays sound and looks good.

They’re thorough, looking at everything from the bottom of the building to the top, from its foundation to its front, and all the way up to the roof. When they do get involved in hands-on work, they’re careful and accurate.

In short, a remedial builder’s job is expert oversight and a sharp eye for the building’s structural needs and how it looks.

Primary Services of Remedial Builders

The following are the primary services of a remedial builder:


When a building starts to sink, remedial builders intervene to correct the problem. They assemble the appropriate team and use modern approaches such as polyurethane underpinning, moving away from conventional concrete methods.

Plumbing Repairs

Oversaturation of the ground can lead to a building sinking. To identify this issue, remedial builders call upon plumbers to meticulously examine the ground, pinpoint water mains, gas lines, and drainage systems, thereby ensuring a precise solution.

Facade Repairs

Old buildings can exhibit problems like bending or cracking facades, dampness, mould, or deteriorating arches and lintels. Remedial builders pinpoint these issues, deploy teams to restore walls, redo mortar joints, and control dampness issues.

Roof Repairs

Roofs might develop leaks over time due to fissures or timber decay. Remedial builders ascertain the cause, employing polyurethane injections for subsidence problems or supervising joiners for timber decay repairs. They strive to secure and refurbish your building’s structure.

Are You Looking for Remedial Repairs?

You’ve come to the right place if you need remedial repairs for your Adelaide home today. Adelaide Underpinning Group is experienced in fixing homes with cracks, leaning walls, failing lintels, and more.

We are the trusted repair experts in the area who have supervised countless maintenance projects. You can rely on us regarding your home repair needs in the city.

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