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Adelaide Underpinning Group is a leading underpinning company in Adelaide, offering foundation repair services. We’re devoted to ensuring homes across our city remain safe, even, and value-improving.

If you’re noticing visible wall cracks, windows becoming hard to open, or uneven floors, these could be signs of foundation problems. We appreciate your concerns and offer free, no-strings-attached on-site evaluations. Moreover, our certified, insured team provides budget-friendly services, always aiming for excellence to ensure your walls and floors are straight and secure.

Don’t neglect a potential foundation issue in your renovation plans. Let us provide your home with the robust base it needs before you proceed with the repairs. Contact us today!

Causes of Foundation Problems

The following are the main causes of foundation problems:

  • Soil moisture variation: Certain areas in Adelaide have expansive soil that absorbs water during rainy seasons and contracts during dry spells. Such movement puts stress on the foundation, leading to problems.
  • Faulty construction: Homes that have been poorly constructed, particularly those built on filled earth or without appropriate soil compaction around the foundation, may encounter foundation failures as the ground shifts and the foundation moves.
  • Inadequate drainage: Foundation damage can be caused by poor drainage that leads to pooled water. When water accumulates, it causes the soil to expand, thereby pushing the foundation upwards.
  • Plumbing problems: Leaks from subterranean sewer lines can also contribute to foundation issues. When these leaks happen, water seeps beneath the foundation, causing the soil to expand which can cause long-term harm to your foundation.

Indications Your Home Needs Foundation Repairs

These are the top indicators that your home needs foundation repairs:

Cracks on Walls

Pay attention to your walls. The presence of diagonal or widening cracks could suggest an unstable foundation, which requires prompt action.

Sinking Floors

If you feel one side of your building is lower than the other, or if your foundation seems to be settling, it’s crucial to respond swiftly. Even minor dips can escalate into major issues over time.

Window and Wall Gaps

Have you noticed your walls separating from your windows or doors? This could suggest your foundation is moving, possibly allowing moisture or pests to get in.

Uneven Ceilings or Floors

Have you spotted drooping or uneven ceilings or floors? This could be a sign that your house is settling or experiencing structural compression issues due to foundation problems.

Our Concrete Levelling Solutions

If you’re experiencing issues with your concrete slabs, Adelaide Underpinning Group is here for you. These are the primary concrete levelling solutions we offer:

  • Mass concrete underpinning: This method adds a strong concrete base below current buildings to make them more stable and stop them from sinking or moving.
  • Steel pile underpinning: This method drives strong steel rods deep into the ground under a building until they hit a solid layer. This gives the building long-term and reliable support.
  • Cement grout underpinning: This involves pumping a cement mixture into the ground under concrete buildings. This makes the ground firmer and increases the building’s stability and strength.

Can Foundation Problems Be Fixed?

Yes, foundation problems can be fixed, but only if it is done by an underpinning and foundation repair expert. This is where our crew at Adelaide Underpinning Group can help.

Get Foundation Repair Solutions in Adelaide

Don't let small foundation issues escalate into significant problems. Our team is on hand to offer professional foundation repair solutions for your home. Take action now, protect your investment, and allow us to bring tranquillity to your living environment. Contact us today, and let's ensure the stability of your home's foundation together.