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Adelaide Underpinning Group offers specialist services for tackling rising damp to homeowners in Adelaide. We recognise the hazards dampness can bring to your home, including health concerns and potential structural issues.

Our building restoration expertly spots and addresses rising damp using tried-and-tested, safe methods. We assure a dry, healthier environment for you and your family.

You can count on us for cost-effective, durable solutions to shield your home from the adverse effects of damp. We’re your trusted ally in maintaining the health of your property.

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What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is the phenomenon where groundwater ascends through porous masonry materials such as stone, brick, and mortar.

Imagine your home’s masonry as a sponge, soaking up moisture through its tiny passages. The problem emerges when this masonry absorbs too much moisture, particularly when mixed with harmful salts, without a way out.

If not addressed, this moisture can compromise the structural integrity of your home and become a health hazard for its inhabitants. This issue is commonly seen in older properties and is also referred to as salt damp or salt attack.

What Causes Rising Damp?

Various factors can lead to rising damp, including:

Worn-Out Damp Proof Course

A primary reason is the deterioration of the damp proof course set up during the building phase. This shield stops moisture and salts from climbing into your home’s walls. However, it can wear out as time passes, permitting water and salts to infiltrate the masonry.

Inefficient Drainage

Subpar drainage due to damaged pipes, dripping gutters, or nearby spilling drains can also induce rising damp. This channels water towards your home’s foundation, allowing excess moisture to permeate the masonry.

Lacklustre Sub-Floor Ventilation

Insufficient sub-floor ventilation can exacerbate rising damp, confining moisture drawn from the ground and speeding up the appearance of damp signs. Likewise, blockages in the sub-floor area, such as rubbish or heating ducts, can impede ventilation and amplify damp conditions.

What Indications Point to Rising Damp?

Should you suspect rising damp in your home, here are the key symptoms to look out for:

  • Peeling Paint: When paint starts to peel or form blisters, it’s often due to walls being saturated with moisture, affecting the paint’s adherence and leading to visible deterioration.
  • Wall Discolouration: If you observe yellow or brownish ‘tide marks’ on your walls, it’s a sign of damp. These marks come from the salts and minerals carried upward with the water.
  • Masonry Issues: Noticeable structural issues, such as crumbling brickwork or weakening mortar joints, are a clear indicator of rising damp.
  • Mould Growth: Discovering mould, particularly near the bottom of your walls, is a sign of accumulated moisture.

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Don’t allow rising damp to jeopardise the health and well-being of your home. You’ll receive efficient and enduring solutions to this challenge with Adelaide Underpinning Group.

Our seasoned professionals with vast experience and industry insights are poised to protect your property. We’re not just a service but your allies in ensuring a damp-free dwelling.

If you’re in Adelaide and have spotted signs of rising damp, don’t hesitate. Take action immediately!

Get in touch with us today to address your concerns, and together, we’ll reinstate the tranquillity and healthiness of your abode.