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Floor Relevelling Adelaide | Sloping Floors & Sinking Piers

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At Adelaide Underpinning Group, we know that a sturdy foundation is crucial for a house. As time passes, things like varying soil conditions and weather changes can cause its foundations to settle unevenly. This can lead to potential issues such as cracks in the walls, gaps in the floor, and even sinking floors.

With our expertise in concrete slab floors, we immediately identify and tackle these issues. We offer the most secure and budget-friendly foundation solutions. Whether we’re bolstering support beams, mending cracks, or employing our careful slab lifting process, we’re dedicated to restoring the stability of your home.

Get in touch today, and let’s collaborate to straighten your floors and revitalise your property.

Signs Your Home Has Sloping Floors or Sinking Piers

These are the top signs indicating a house has sloping floors or sinking piers:

Spotting Cracked Walls

If the piers or supports under your floor are sinking unevenly, it can make your walls crack. This is because the sinking piers put more pressure on the walls, which causes them to lose integrity. You’ll see these cracks on your plasterboard walls at home.

Objects Begin to Roll

If you put a ball or a toy with wheels on the ground and it starts to move by itself, it might mean your floor isn’t flat. This could be because the piers under your floor are sinking. If things always roll in one direction, this could mean one side of your floor is lower than the other.

Furniture Begins to Wobble

If your furniture starts to wobble, cupboard doors shake, the sofa doesn’t sit flat, it might be because your floor isn’t level. This could be because the piers under your floor are sinking, which can easily lead to major problems if left unaddressed.

Cracks in the Ceilings

If the supports under your floor are not level, it can cause cracks in your ceilings. It can even make the decorative trim around your ceilings (known as cornices) fall down. If this happens, you need to do something about your sinking floor piers immediately.

Sloping Floor and Sinking Pier Causes

Inclining floors and subsiding piers may be the result of several different issues. Leakage from underground drainage, particularly if bathroom and kitchen pipes are damaged, can lead to soil erosion and create gaps. This, in turn, reduces the strength of the soil around them.

Another factor could be inadequate roof drainage, which is often indicated by overflowing gutters. This situation could channel excess rainwater toward the foundation of the house and undermine the stability of the piers.

Furthermore, reactive clay soils beneath homes can also cause problems. These soils can swell or shrink according to weather conditions. For instance, these soils can shrink in extended periods of dry weather, leading to a sinking effect.

Our Floor Relevelling Solutions

We acknowledge the essential role that piers serve in homes. These structures keep floors raised, thus protecting your property from damp environments.

Our proficiency extends to all-encompassing home pier repairs, reinforcing the stability of your living areas. Our broad experience in construction, restoration, and renovation throughout the wider Adelaide region has refined our abilities, establishing us as the ideal choice for underpinning services.

Furthermore, our team is committed to preserving your home’s lasting durability and safety and addressing any issues connected to sloping floors and sinking piers.

Why Adelaide Residents Choose Us

These are the main reasons why residents in Adelaide choose us:

  • Emphasis on satisfaction: We prioritise customer gratification, customising our solutions to meet your unique requirements.
  • Guaranteed outcomes: We yield long-lasting results by enhancing the durability and stability of your home.
  • Prompt and punctual: Our professional team provides swift, efficient repairs, ensuring minimal disturbance to your everyday life.
  • Reputable providers: We’re a respected local name in Adelaide, having improved numerous residences through our services.